The W28 series power analyzer with high accuracy class has all the measurement capabilities needed to check and manage electrical equipment and devices installed in an industrial environment and can be used for equipment monitoring and automation. This device is designed and built to measure frequency, current, voltage, power factor, active and reactive power, etc. It also allows the user to determine the source of energy loss in a system by measuring the quality parameters of the power grid, including DPF, THD, TDD, Harmonics, Unbalance, KF and CF, etc.  It is also able to transmit information and data through Wi-Fi, RS485 and standard Modbus and DNP3 protocols.

One of the features of the W28 series power analyzer is the ability to connect to the Android mobile application or desktop software (Windows) and send recorded data through Wi-Fi simultaneously and in real-time. With this possibility, the measured data can be remotely shared with the maintenance and engineering team. And it has the advantage that safer working distances can be maintained with industrial equipment and strong pressure and relevant decisions can be made at the moment.

This equipment can be used both in single-phase and three-phase form. It can also feed directly from the circuit being measured.W28 has an optimized user interface and device settings are simple.

W28 series power analyzer has been designed in several models and with variable prices due to its diverse and numerous features and facilities; therefore, a suitable balance between quality and price has been created in this model of the company's production devices.

Also, this power analyzer has a two-year warranty and five-year after-sales service, which is offered directly by the company to customers with excellent quality.

It should be noted that some of the facilities and parameters mentioned may not be available depending on the type of device. (Refer to the device catalog to know the features of the W28 series models.)