The W28 Power Quality Analyzer is a comprehensive device designed to monitor the quality of electricity from production, transmission, distribution to end consumers. Lack of information on the quality of the supplied voltage can lead to uncertain production and performance problems or can even damage the equipment used during the factory production process. Therefore, this device can be used for the needs of electrical installations as well as for industrial purposes.

In addition to measuring various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, active, reactive and apparent powers, energy, power factor (APF, TPF and DPF), THD, frequency and temperature, this power analyzer, parameters such as harmonic, TDD, voltage and current imbalance, Crest Factor Calculate and record voltage and current, K-Factor current. It is possible to record events (including disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply of the device, etc.), maximum and average half of some parameters, meter and demand are also available in the device. The device shows a harmonic bar chart of voltage and current inputs and is able to disconnect and connect the device power supply and voltage inputs.