About Us

MASHHAD TADBIR Engineering Design Company

  • Mashhad Engineering Design Company, a manufacturer of measuring and information recording devices, has started its activity since 1996. The company with a brilliant history in providing various models with maximum efficiency, has put its strategy in improving quality, adapting new designs to the needs of the day, reducing prices and better after-sales service.

    RTU air switches, single-channel and multi-channel Power Analyzer devices, data logger measuring and recording systems of electrical parameters of the power grid, Handy data collector devices and Bluetooth optical probe are the most important products of Mashhad Tadbir Company. Electricity network data collection systems in different models with different capabilities have been installed in many parts of the country over the past years and have been a source of valuable services in the development and optimization of the power distribution network. Also, meter data collection systems have been widely used in the country's water, electricity and gas companies.

    Mashhad Tadbir Company has always tried to update its products by using new technology and employing specialized personnel, and has been able to provide new models of its products to customers every year.

    In order to institutionalize technical knowledge using research and development and considering the general and specific conditions of this company to be included in the list of knowledge-based companies, in 1394, after the process of evaluation and qualification and approval of the relevant working group, The name of Mashhad Tadbir Company was registered in the list of companies and knowledge-based institutions.

    Different parts of the company include management, office, business, finance, research and development, design, production, testing and quality control, after-sales service and warehouse.