W106 is a power analyzer for measuring and recording many parameters in electrical transmission and distribution lines. This device is able to transfer the recorded parameters via modbus network or offload them on a USB flash disk and transfer them to the computer.
The data could be used to analyze the quality of the network, to make corrections in the network, selecting compensators, reduce the losses, consumption management and etc.
Having 4 pairs of inputs for the currents (3 phases and neutral) is one of the benefits of this power analyzer. It also has a wide range AC and DC power supply, event recorder and complete graphical 160x160 pixel LCD.

For the current inputs, his device has two models, making it applicable for both CT users and rogowski coil users.

To see the detail of measured and calculated parameters please see the manual.

Measure, Display and Store
Voltage Line
Current Line
Active Power Phase
Reactive Power Phase
Apparent Power Phase
Phase Power Factors APF (Apparent PF)
TPF (True PF)
DPF (Displacement PF)
DhPF (Distortion PF)

Total Harmonic distortion

Line Voltage
Line Current
Total Demand Distortion Line Current
Crest Factor Line Voltage
Line Current
K Factor Line Current
Voltage Sag  
Voltage Swell  
Demand ∑P
Energy metering Active
Four tariffs
Seven schedules



Event Recorder
   Power Outage / Restore
   Input Voltage Outage / Restore
   More than 10% in voltage or current compared to the last 3 seconds
Record from 5 sec before to 25 sec after, with 100 ms resolution
Supported Networks
   PT up to 400 KV
   CT up to 5000A
Supported Networks
   2 or 3 PTs
   2 or 3 CTs
Electrical Wiring
   Records    1 min to 1 hour period
   Maximeters    1 min to 1 hour period
Data Logging
   Offload stored data on USB flash disk
   RS485 communication port supporting MODBUS protocol
   Over Voltage
   Under Voltage
   Over Current
   Over Active Power
   Under Active Power
   Over Reactive Power
   Over Voltage THD
   Over Current THD
Power Supply
   Wide    80-500 VAC / 100-500 VDC
   Standard    80-280 VAC / 100-300 VDC
Other Features
   Fault CT Polarity Correction
   Memory 4 GB
   160x160 pixel graphic LCD
   100 impulse/kwh Energy Pulse
   Daylight saving option
   Software calibration
   Graphical windows based software for power consumption management
   IEC61000-4-7 , IEC62053-21, IEC62053-22, IEC62053-23, EN50470-1, EN50470-3, ANSI C12.20 and IEEE1459
Mechanical Parameters
   Dimension    103 x 103 x 70 mm
   Mounting    Panel mounting
   Weight    400 gr
Environmental Conditions
   Operating Temperature    -20 to +70 °C
   Storage Temperature    -30 to +80 °C


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