Handy data collector system

THC62 data collector system is a high performance hand held device, which is used for different processes e.g. supervision, operation and etc . Powerful processor, high resolution LCD, simple keyboard, tiny dimensions, light weight and etc as well as simple software and simplex menus makes the performance of this device completely easy.
Also the software workspace for defining dynamic forms, adding addresses, specifying user and etc makes the user able to do all the definitions and modifications without the need of software support.

- 4 inch display with 240x360 pixel resolution and white backlight
- 8 MB memory for saving forms and data
- Polymer Li-ion battery, able to work 30 hours continuously
- Ergonomic, 19 key smooth keyboard
- RTC for recording time and date
- USB port for programming and downloading data
- Record position via internal GPS (Optional)
- Self programming
- Resistant against shock, water, and magnetic waves
- Temperature: -10 to 60 °C
- Dimensions: 155 x 95 x 24 mm
- Weight: 265 gr
- Using fine and legible fonts
- Control the number of records per day
- Control the start and end time
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