Handy data collector system
THC52 data collector system is a high performance hand held device, which is used for periodic (manual) data collection. Using a powerful processor, high resolution LCD, simple keyboard and containing standard visual controls, this device makes the data collection fast and easy and also minimizes the read error. Besides, the windows based software helps engineers in better analyzing data with the support of reports and various charts.
- 160x240 pixel display resolution
- 2 MB memory for saving data
- Timely unlimited data saving without the need of a battery
- Two rechargeable AA battery
- Replacing the battery by the user
- At least 18 hours continuous working
- 16 key smooth keyboard
- Internal buzzer and display backlight
- Auto power off
- Display remained battery charge, time, current user and serial connection in the taskbar
- Using standard visual controls for example : List box , Textbox and option
- Record second/ minute/ hour , day/ month/ year and user with each record
- Display previous value and high and Low boundary
- Multiuser with different passwords for each user
- Persian and English menu containing various icons
- Resistant against shock , water and magnetic waves
- Dimensions : 135x70x25 mm
- Weight : 200 gr
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